Day 14 — Billings, MT to Cody, WY

Note: I am so behind on this blog it’s not even funny. We’re too busy having fun! I’m am collapsing into bed each night instead of sitting up typing blog posts! I’ll get caught up eventually!!!

We woke up to a lovely day in Laurel, MT. We hit the Walmart for groceries and other necessities (meaning, we spent way too much money there!!!). Then, we hit the road. The one good thing about staying there is that it was the right exit for us to head on off to Cody, WY. This was the morning of June 25th, by the way.

Our drive was beautiful and uneventful. We drove around town a little bit checking out campgrounds and ended up at the one I’d picked out based on online reviews. We really like the site, by the way!  Ponderosa Campground is a great spot.  We got settled in and sort of kicked back for a little while before heading out to do what you do when you are in Cody, WY and this is you buy boots.  Greg and I got cowboy boots.  We had each been wanting a pair for a long time and decided that this was the time and place to do it.  We went to Boot Barn and picked them out. Aren’t they gorgeous?

New boots, Cody, WY

And, yes, we thought about getting boots for the kids, too but they only had NICE boots at a high price and for kids whose feet are growing the way mine are, it just wasn’t an option.  They weren’t too disappointed, thank goodness!

We find Cody to be a delightful town — it’s very touristy but it’s got a lot of character and style.  The people were overwhelmingly helpful and kind.

We also checked out an RV repair shop while we were there as the transmission had kind of kicked at Greg as we were parking in our site.  We were a little worried about what that might mean.  The guy at the shop gave us some good advice but we realized that late Friday afternoon was not the time to start worrying about it.  We opted for the strategy of “Let’s deal with it on Monday!”

Cody Nite Rodeo

After dinner, we headed over to the Cody Night Rodeo.  All summer, Cody holds a rodeo every night.  It is mostly local kids and college students who compete and it’s so much fun.  The kids had never been to a rodeo before and they absolutely loved it.  They particularly enjoyed the part where the kids were all invited out to the arena to try to grab a ribbon tied to the tail of a calf.  The rodeo clowns (who were awesome, by the way) had the kids warm up by doing some exercises — this involved dropping to the ground and rolling in the dirt.  Of course, my kids totally fell for it.  Ruth told me later that she wasn’t some prissy girl who’s afraid to get dirty so of course she rolled in the dirt.  (Needless to say, we took showers when we got back to the campground!)  Our campground hosts told us to be sure to sit in the Buzzard’s Roost section which is a longer walk but worth it because you get to sit above the chutes and have a much better view of what’s happening.  Gage was enthralled by the rodeo clowns who signed autographs after it was over.  If you are in Cody, you should definitely check out the Cody Night Rodeo . . . a great evening of fun!





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