Day 31 — June Lake, CA

#708 in June Lake, CA

We moved the FMC to my parents yard for our last day/night in June Lake.  Mom and Ruthie and I had a girls’ day out in Mammoth.  We had coffees at a great little coffee shop there — Ruth had iced hot chocolate which was delicious!  Then we went shopping at the Van Heusen and Bass Outlets which were having redonkulous sales — 70% off and then another 30% off — which seems like it might mean free but it doesn’t quite mean free!

My girls - Mom & Ruth

We hit the grocery store next and got food for dinner and a birthday cake for Ruth.

While we were gone, Gage and Igor, my stepdad, had gone kayaking at Mono Lake, a huge salt water lake.  They got back shortly after we did — all covered in salt spray.  Gage’s hair looked fine but it was stiff!  Back into the shower for him.

Osprey pair on nest

We hung around the rest of the afternoon and evening.  It was decided that Gage would stay and hike with Bumpa a lot.  They are heading to Hawaii on Tuesday so I’d be able to pick him up from them on their way to San Francisco.

Ruthie really enjoyed her birthday cake!

We celebrated Ruth's birthday in June Lake


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