The Miller Family has a beautiful FMC motorcoach. Come join us in our journeys!

FMC at Columbia SHP


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  1. jack feldwisch says:

    Liza: Sounds like you have been having a great time on your adventures. We have been looking to buy an FMC or GMC so that we can start our journey by late next spring. Have you run into anyone who has owned both? I noticed you tow a small SUV…Have you known of people towing a boat? We are houseboaters and have thought it would be great to explore some of the out of the way waterways with a smaller boat, but aren’t certain about ramping with an RV? Also what resources are available to learn about what to look for (or avoid) when looking at FMCs…since non owners aren’t allowed to join the FMC owners club? Thanks for any help you can offer.

  2. jack feldwisch says:

    Liza: Thanks for the infomation. I’ve spent much of the last few weeks going over all the info on all 3 sites (obssessed?) Next week were going to Georgia to look at what we hope will be our “new” coach… as well as stopping to visit with Denny Shewmake #0890, and get a tour of his coach as well as his advise. If that does not work out, we will take a trip to Indiana, Illinois (MCR), and Michigan to see several coaches in November. Finally, we will resort to a trip to Arizona and/or California…actually buying a coach there would probably be a good thing since there are so many members on the west coast to give us guidance on good sources as we “sort-out” a coach. Then, in the summer we’d like to spend a couple of months in the National Parks…and visit with our duaghter in Oregon and a cousin in Idaho. Thanks again, Jack

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