Tips for Successful RV Trips

In no particular order, here are some of the tips we use to make our camping experience successful in our vintage FMC motorhome.

  • Filtered water — we keep a Brita water pitcher in the fridge and refill it regularly so we always have clean, fresh, good-tasting water on hand.  After too many years of camping with funny tasting water from different water supplies or too much chlorine, this has made such a difference!
  • Bedding.  We opted for the 1950’s plan in our motorhome (ie. twin beds rather than a queen).  Our RV will do both options but we were tired of climbing over each other in the night to go to the bathroom so 1950’s it is.  I shopped at IKEA for inexpensive bedding for the FMC.  We like down comforters with duvet covers — easy washing while on the road.  So, we have a bottom sheet to protect our seats/mattresses and then toss the duvet on top and voila an easy to make, easy to put away bed.
  • Dust.  Dust is the bane of my life.  Before we re-did the back seat cushions, we had a real problem with dust in the cushions.  Everytime we slept in the motorhome, we sneezed all night and woke up congested (despite taking allergy pills).  Frustrating.  So, now that we’ve solved that problem by replacing the cushions and gotten new bedding, we plan to keep it as dust free as we can.  All the bedding is washed after each trip and stored in vacuum storage bags.  Then, I toss an old sheet over the mattresses.  It gives the motorhome a “haunted house” appearance but should help us stay sneeze-free while we travel.  Of course, we do a good cleaning before and after each trip — that helps too!

More tips as they occur to me!


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